Dr. Shauna Richards passes comprehensive exam

CVER would like to congratulate Dr. Shauna Richards on passing her comprehensive exam for her PhD candidacy. Her thesis is titled: Nutrition and Welfare Interventions of Smallholder Dairy Cattle in Kenya and her supervisors are Dr. John Vanleeuwen, Dr Jeff Wichtel, Dr Collins Kamunde,Dr Fabienne Uehlinger, Dr George Gitau and Dr Shawn McKenna. Shauna has previously completed her DVM in 2010 at the AVC. Currently, Shauna is working with dairy farmers in Kenya to help improve milk production through nutrition and cow comfort interventions. By providing interventions on farms in Kenya in a cost-effective manner she hopes to be able to show local farmers that changes can be made that will increase milk production and sales. Following her work in Kenya she hopes to continue to work in international agricultural development to improve the lives of livestock and their owners."