Epi-on-the-Island 2015 a great success

Epi-on-the-Island 2015 was held at AVC from July 6 to 16. This year participants from across North America and as far away as Denmark, Finland and Argentina came to participate in the two courses.

The first five-day course, “Time Series Regression,” enabled participants to apply time series methods to biological, public health, and veterinary data. The instructors were Drs. Ben Armstrong (professor in Epidemiological Statistics from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine), Javier Sanchez and Henrik Stryhn from AVC.

The second 5-day course, “Survival Analysis,” covered the basics of survival analysis and the introduction of more advanced topics such as frailty models and analysis of discrete survival data. The instructors were Drs. Ian Dohoo, Henrik Stryhn, and Javier Sanchez of the AVC. Both courses were filled close to capacity and were very well reviewed by the course participants. Plans for Epi-on-the island 2016 will be posted this fall.