Farewell, Eva!

In June 2013, Eva Jakob, a CERC post-doctoral fellow, accepted a position as a Senior Research Associate with Fraunhofer Chile (Research Center for Systems Biotechnology) with a major focus on sea lice (Caligus) research.

The Research Station is located just outside of Puerto Montt, which is the center of the Chilean salmon aquaculture industry.

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the largest organization for applied research in Europe, providing service to the private and public sectors. Together with a team of scientists at Fraunhofer Chile, Fraunhofer Germany and Fundacion Chile, Eva will be working on aquaculture-related projects mainly focusing on salmon diseases. Because the focus of her work will be similar to what she working on at Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC), we expect that Eva's collaboration with CERC team members and other AVC faculty will continue.